Fields and Ocean

Fields and Ocean

I’ve always loved open, secluded fields that overlook the ocean. It’s the convergence of earth and sea, the perfect place to experience both the wildness and beauty of nature. Unfortunately, when you live in the city, they’re quite hard to access, especially if you want to avoid jumping the fence of an unsuspecting farmer (though let’s be honest, a little bit of fence-jumping doesn’t go astray). This spot, however, is one that I found on a recent Easter trip, and has now made it into my ‘Top 5 favourite places in South Australia.’(Or at least it would have, if such a list existed.)
It often amazes me, as I look at the ocean, that such a huge body of water meets the land, overlapping on such a narrow strip of sand, and yet we can trust it to come no further. We build our houses only meters from the sea, which is incomprehensibly vast and deep, with full confidence that it will not overflow. It reminds me of God’s rhetorical question to Job: ‘…who shut in the sea with doors…and said, ‘Thus far shall you come, and no farther, and here shall your proud waves be stayed’?

3 comments on “Fields and Ocean

  1. Fabio says:

    Honestly, the whole thing about the ocean is so big yet to doesn’t pass one small strip of sand has amazed me ever since, we’ll since the thought came to me.

    • sarsrose says:

      My frist ever comment!! Thanks Faabs! I know and I agree! I think it first came to me the first time I flew. When you’re up that high you realize just how close the buildings are to that massive body of water!

  2. Tania Smith says:

    I love this…so true…..

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