Proud Teacher Moments


I love those moments that make teaching worthwhile. It’s a tough job, but such a rewarding one. You see hundreds of students come and go. You lose track of who graduated when, and what they’re doing now, and for the most part they vanish off into the world somewhere, hopefully slightly better equipped for life because they sat in your classroom. Often, though, you just never know. But then there are the ones who stay in touch; who make you proud. Not because they’ve done anything greater than the ones you never hear from again, but because they come back to tell you. This young man makes me proud. He’s one of SA’s up and coming footballers, he’s dedicated and down to earth, and he’s published a blog on the Port Adelaide Football Club’s website. He told me I taught him everything he knows. I didn’t. But maybe I helped him a bit along the way, and he’s been kind enough to come back and tell me.

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