What if Christians actually acted like Jesus?

seek_truth_by_beautifullyevilI found this discussion topic on another blog that I follow (jonlilley.com) and it really got me thinking.

How often do we hear or read something that sounds good, and automatically agree with it without even thinking about whether it’s true?

The following quote is by Mahatma Gandhi:

If all Christians acted like Christ, the whole world would be Christian.

Sounds good, sounds challenging. But is it true ?

What are your thoughts?

11 comments on “What if Christians actually acted like Jesus?

  1. Chris Harrison says:

    doesn’t sound like gandhi is a calvanist.

  2. Rod Lampard says:

    Good question. I found out very early, that Christians can get a little carried away with social media. I have had to stop myself from clicking “like” on facebook more than once or twice, fact checking is imperative. Craig Borlase has a good article on his website that follows a similar topical thread.

  3. Gandhi wasn’t actually giving an opinion about the world. His quote (as far as I could find it) went more like “If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today.” It’s hyperbole, exaggerating to make a point.

    If more Christians acted like Jesus, the world would certainly be improved, but even when Jesus was around to see and hear in person, not everyone agreed with him or joined him. One of his closest friends sold him out!

    • sarsrose says:

      Thanks! That was a rookie error on my part. I had in the back of my mind that I should double check the authenticity of the quote before posting, and then forgot. I think the basic esscence of the quote is the same anyway, and your second point is certainly true both for his orignial quote and my (unfortunate) paraphrase.

      • Easy mistake to make! You should read all the altered quotes they attribute to Einstein, or Winston Churchill 😉
        And I agree, it still fits your intention.

  4. Diane says:

    The Ghandi quote is thought provoking. Being attracted to the Christlike lives of Christians often causes people to consider the message of Jesus’ love and sacrifice for us. If we respond to this message by simply trying to obey his teachings we have misunderstood the message. Jesus, being God’s Son, is the only one who can live a perfect life. We become Christians when we acknowledge Jesus as God, accept his cleansing for the wrong we have done and embrace a relationship with him that gradually transforms us into his likeness. I think Ghandi, like many in his culture saw Christianity as following Christ’s teaching rather than being transformed by God through faith – the outcome of which being the ability to obey his teaching. It is a challenge though to live the life we have been so graciously given.

  5. Sam barber says:

    I think although the world might be a much better place to live in, if it really were to happen there are still going to be some people out there people that think it is ok to and will continue to do terrible things to one another despite how the rest of the world acts. Really anyone is capable of anything and we all have free will, I mean was’t Satan originally an angel? If angels can turn, what hope is there for humanity. *shrugs shoulders*

  6. JessieB says:

    I think it would be great if Christians acted like Jesus, and it would certainly redefine the stereotype we have today. He was brutally honest, not overly polite or a push- over, and he didn’t shove things down peoples throats or judge them, but people came to him to ask questions and hear what he had to say, just to start with!
    As a Christian today, I hang my head in shame or cringe so often when ‘Christians’ get things backwards or completely miss the point. Normally it is done with great intentions, but man it comes out the wrong way. One thing that drives me nuts (referring to social media) is those friends who constantly spam random bible verses and memes with the ‘click like if you love God, or scroll if you’re going to hell’ tags on them…seriously, how is that helpful or appreciated by anyone?! Lol- I think I must be going to hell now, as I always scroll and refuse to share them…sorry if that’s you!
    Jesus had real emotions and reactions, not like the fake happy we see a lot today, and he didn’t beat around the bush. He did what he needed to, to get the message across and it was effective.
    What are peoples thoughts on the Westborogh Baptist Church that picket a lot in the US? I don’t know much about them but they seem to come up a lot (very negatively). I hope what we see in the news and social media is not all there is at that church. I really hope its distored so the stories are sensational, because they definitely don’t come across as Christ-like! Any one know more about them (I’m not wanting to bash anyone, but I am genuinely curious, because they have come up so often recently)?

  7. W.H.T 2 says:

    just wanna let ya’ll know they crucified Jesus

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