The Main Thing is always the Main Thing…

stock.xchng love godAs a Christian, it can be so easy to get caught up in what we should and shouldn’t do in life; in understanding doctrine, pursuing gifts, studying the Word, cultivating the Fruits of the Spirit. These things may be worthy pursuits, but they’re not the main thing.

A few weeks back one of our pastors mentioned that a guy in our Young Adults group had said to him that no matter what he did, or what he looked into, he found it kept coming back to the same thing:

Love God; Love People.

Funny, I think I’ve heard that somewhere before. Oh, Yeah –  Jesus.

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Amidst our overcomplicating of life, we sometimes forget that Jesus has told us what the main thing is. And He’s God. He’s timeless. It will always be the main thing.


10 comments on “The Main Thing is always the Main Thing…

  1. connordefehr says:

    Excellent reminder. I’m also reminded of the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. Indeed, only one thing is needed. I also enjoy the analogy of God being at the top of a tree and everything else being branches, intended to be stepped on but not walked out on:

    • sarsrose says:

      Thanks for visiting Connor, and for following this blog! You’re so right.
      The tree analogy is a good one. I also often think of it like a hanging mobile. If you have the right piece at the top, everything hangs in an orderly way!

  2. Heidi Viars says:

    I so agree with you … it’s really not that complicated, is it? Thanks so much for this reminder today.

    • sarsrose says:

      Thank you Heidi! I know! It’s so simple. Reminds me of that verse where Jesus says that His burden is light. But then on the flip side, it’s an impossible task (without the grace of God). I could spend my whole life focusing on just those two commands, and never read another Scripture, and still never master it! Good place to start though! x

  3. Steve Rebus says:

    Amen, thanks for this reminder and ongoing challenge for me! 🙂

  4. We tend to make life more complicated with our worries and shifting of priorities. Thank you for pointing out such beautiful simplicity.

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