Apologies, my last Post hadn’t quite evolved enough…

189883_7260I’m comparing my post the other day to the impulse purchase of a hair product. I see something that looks new and interesting, that appears to be organic, and that promises to cater to my taming-curly-hair needs. I buy the product in a moment of inspiration and use it once, after which it sits in the back of my cupboard until long after the use-by date.

The other day I read an article that appeared interesting, that lined up with my frustrations with evolution and that seemed to present a worthy argument. And within the hour I had blogged about it.

However, as has been brought to my attention, my argument that evolution is responsible for a certain brand of racism is as petty as those who argue that religion is responsible for most of the world’s wars. Yes, there are connections, but the real problem is in the hearts of humanity. I used an example of one racist word to accuse evolution of being intrinsically racist. Not a wise move.

I’m still a creationist. I still get frustrated with the theory of evolution, which, while being based on science, makes gigantic guesses, going back millions of years, and indoctrinates the next generations with supposed facts about their meaning and origins. I believe creationism is based on equally valid science, but next time, I’ll make sure I have done my research.

So, for now, I’ll just post about the weather. That is until someone introduces a new brand of mousse.

11 comments on “Apologies, my last Post hadn’t quite evolved enough…

  1. Rod says:

    It was a bit general. However, I saw the point you were making and agreed.Darwinian theory is considered to be one the intellectual foundations of Nazism, fascism and the like. I know this because I have researched it. I recommend checking out Gene Veith’s book “modern fascism” (kindle version available). There is also a documentary made by Ben Stein, who is himself a Jew. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5EPymcWp-g .. I could go on, but take heart sister you tackled a difficult topic and deserve kudos for doing so.

  2. Heidi Viars says:

    Thanks for your vulnerability and heart … I agree with Rod… Ben Stein’s documentary is great. Blessings to you

  3. Isaiah6510 says:

    God Bless you sister. Thanks for being real. It totally is like that sometimes, we get something and in the first flushes of excitement we gush about it to all and sundry, I do it many many times (that’s why I wrote a ‘disclaimer’ on my blog), we ALL do…unless that is, there’s someone out there who’s perfect??!! Come on now, you know you’re out there hahahaha 🙂
    Anyhooooo…This is all part of the wonderful journey we’re on and I rejoice in your realism and pray it will be a blessing to many. 🙂 x

  4. Chris Harrison says:

    it’s interesting with the ‘gigantic guesses’ bit. Sure, none of us were there, billions of years OR 6000 years ago (sure, maybe 6000 minus 5 days :P) And nor are we ‘meant’ to know our origins, imo. But believing that the universe was once perfect, with no death and decay etc, is also a gigantic leap of faith. Nature, red in tooth and claw.

  5. […] 4. I recently discovered the ‘Reformed African American Network’.  I found this post enlightening. Kudos to the author, as this is a solid attempt at tackling the subject of neo-racism. There are two other articles which I found on Sarsrose’s blog. Each relate to neo-racism and are relevant reads. Check them out here and here. […]

  6. […] If you read this post, please read my follow-up post: Apologies, my last Post hadn’t quite evolved enough. […]

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