Google as my Crystal Ball

I hope the idea of Google as a crystal ball seems absurd to you. It does to me too, but sometimes, I’m afraid, my actions tell differently.

We live in a world engorged with information. Decades ago, if we were driving home and thought of something we wanted to find out, we’d think, ‘I’ll have to get down to the library sometime this week and look that up.’ Now we try to stop ourselves from googling while driving.

We have become so accustomPicture2ed to having information at our fingertips, that the concept that something may be unknowable is virtually inconceivable.

Quantities of information beyond our comprehension have become a cheap commodity; an expectation. Google has become our all-knowing god; our source of all truth. I fear that far too often we forget that it has limitations. For example, it cannot tell the future.

I’m ashamed to admit it (though I suspect I’m not alone) that I have, on occasion, asked (or been tempted to ask) the Google-god things that it cannot know. ‘What should I do in this situation?’ ‘Am I going to get married?’ ‘Will that student ever mature into a decent human being?’

We humans have become inflated with information to the point that we tend to believe there is nothing we (or Google) cannot know. Remember this human: Our knowledge is but a drop in the ocean. And the future is, as it always has been, in the mind and hand of the Almighty alone.

5 comments on “Google as my Crystal Ball

  1. Of course, the Bible has many of life’s answers. I find that the more I memorize the word, the more the Holy Spirit points out those answers to me. But I think we should get in the habit of seek answers by Bible study, and prayer, or mayby asking a friend or reading a book. Google is too easy. But if we are in a jam what’s the harm once in a while.

  2. Chris Harrison says:

    “Our knowledge is but a drop in the ocean. And the future is, as it always has been, in the mind and hand of the Almighty alone.” someone with ‘drop in the ocean knowledge’ KNOWS about the unseen. interesting 😀

    • sarsrose says:

      I know, it’s amazing hey! We have such small minute minds and yet God has chosen to reveal some amazingly deep truths to us through the Bible. Even though there is so much that He knows we cannot understand and fathom, He has given us the ability to understand all that we need to to be reconciled to Him. It’s amazing 😉

      • Chris Harrison says:

        interesting how the ‘ability’ he gave you is different to the ability of all the other denominations. how unfair that he gave YOU a superior ability to discern truth! 😀

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