There is a Name for that Face!!!

stock.xchng angryA few years ago I had a bit of a revelation. Maybe those girls who always looked at me with cow-like distain, weren’t actually horrible people. Maybe they didn’t hate me; maybe they just had unfortunate default faces!

My further observations confirmed the fact. Some poor girls, unbeknownst to them, have ‘resting faces’ that communicate disgust, hatred or misery when they’re really thinking nothing at all! In fact, the problem isn’t limited to girls. Just the other day, I had this same revelation about a man I know. Maybe he isn’t always grumpy and disapproving. Maybe that’s just his default face!

And come to think of it, I don’t have the most sunshiny default face myself!

So, you can imagine my joy when I came across this clip today. Someone else has seen this problem and they’ve been proactive enough to address it!

I think my label of ‘Unfortunate Default Face’ is a bit kinder than ‘Bitchy Resting Face,’ but hey, it gets the idea across.

So before we take offence and make all kinds of assumptions about ‘that horrible person,’ maybe we should just give them the benefit of the doubt… until they open their mouths.

15 comments on “There is a Name for that Face!!!

  1. Kristy Reid says:

    I think that my “resting face” sometimes comes across as bitchy or unapproachable 😦

  2. fabiolucano says:

    Where do you come up with these crazy ideas for a blog??


    Sent from my iPhone

  3. I have a terrible default face. I definitely look cross or fed up and it’s so not what I’m thinking!

    • sarsrose says:

      aww Tash, I can’t picture your default face right now, but if it is as you say, then I’m glad that these people have created a video so that millions of people around the world can be aware of it! I think my default face is ‘little girl/scared.’ You know when you’re walking through a department store and you have in your head what your face looks like and then you walk past a mirror…. yeah…

  4. Sam barber says:

    So true Sarah,
    I thought there was this one person who didn’t like me, cos she never smiled or initiated a conversation, she is now one of my good friends, and I think her “default face” is due to a chronic pain condition and not brilliant home life. Sometimes we make wrong judgements or assumptions about people.

  5. hiddinsight says:

    I’m laughing soooo hard right now!!!!

  6. sarsrose says:

    🙂 glad you enjoyed it! I love it when people bring something to light that makes everyone say ‘Oh my gosh, that is sooo true!’ Thanks for visiting!

  7. This had me chuckling out loud! My resting face is old!!!

    • sarsrose says:

      hahaha glad you enjoyed it. Do you know what is funny? Sitting with a group of girlfriends and getting them to try to show you their resting faces. Noone can keep a straight face!

  8. Being a house painter I often think that if someone has a sour face they don’t approve of my work. But in truth most of the time they are just having a bad day. Also, the way people look–their default face–may have nothing to do with anything in the present, but something that happened to them hours or days ago. I suppose some people train themselves to look good, and to smile no matter how they feel. And we think they are the normal and happy people. I know someone that smiles quite often, but once in a while I catch her with a sad face, and then when she realizes that I’m looking at her she quickly puts on her happy face. I’m not sure I agree that people don’t think. There’s something going on in there. Is there such a thing as unconscious thinking?
    hey thanks for this post. You come up with some good stuff.

  9. Chris Harrison says:

    yeah i have come to this realisation before. not an excuse for not smiling though 😀

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