Flying North for the Winter: Half Empty

1338463_59722516I usually don’t travel during the school year because my health is too fragile to risk anything that could interfere with work. But this year, seeing photos of friends travelling through sunny Europe as I was sitting in South Australia feeling cold, I was itching to find somewhere warm to relax.

So I booked my trip to Cairns, imagining posting my own enviable facebook pics of blue skies, sun and ocean.

When we arrived it was raining and it hardly stopped. I think I got more rain in three days of Cairns’ ‘dry season’, than I’ve had all year in SA. We didn’t see a single beach and thoughts of going out to the Great Barrier Reef were squelched due to ‘unseasonably bad weather.’ On top of that, my body reminded me continually that I’m exhausted from the end of term and that CFS has stolen my right to be a good traveler.

I felt like a fool having bragged that I’d be posting photos of a gloriously enviable summer, and to rub salt in the wound, SA had unseasonably warm weather this week. While I was sitting in a wet cloud, they were having days of sunshine and blue skies, and some of my facebook friends actually posted pictures of themselves at the beach! In July!

As I sat on my bed on our final night, listening to the thunderous pelting of the rain on the tin roof, my phone chimed. I looked at the weather notification. “Warning: Cairns. Chance of showers.”

Because there are always two sides to a story, stay tuned for ‘Flying North for the Winter: Half Full.’

5 comments on “Flying North for the Winter: Half Empty

  1. Isaiah6510 says:

    I have so been there!! (as in done that!) I got married in Las Vegas, spent the week there and then travelled on to San Diego for our honeymoon. Hahahaha..this was meant to be the ‘beach’ experience, sun, sand and moonlit walks etc etc. We got in the taxi at the airport to go to the hotel and the taxi driver commented on how unusual it was that we were visiting this time of year. What??? “Oh yeah” He replied “It’s know as grey May and June gloom!!!”
    I shall say no more that it really lived up to it!!! :))))

  2. journeyofjoy says:

    Irony… too funny! By the way I LOVE your country…. God’s glory is so easily seen in the splendor of beautiful Australia! God’s best to you and your lovely, very well written posts!

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