Winter’s Silver Lining

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I really don’t like winter. I think there might be a slight international misconception that Australians don’t have winter. I can assure you that we do. While our whole country may not get entirely shrouded in snow, we get plenty of it in some areas.

Just last week we had a rare snowfall just outside my city, and the chilly days that followed have reminded me that the next stop south from where I live is Antarctica.


I dread this time of year, but there is one great blessing amongst all this. We get to see the sky. Unlike some countries, we are not subjected to a months-on-end existence under an oppressive blanket of cloud.

Yesterday morning I drove to work beneath a cobalt blue sky with the sun shining through my windscreen. It might be cold, but blue sky is not uncommon here in winter, and it really lifts my spirits.


Sometimes the sunshine confuses the jonquils and lilacs, and they bloom early; fragrant beacons of hope reminding us that spring will come.

Living in the driest state of the driest continent, where we tend to believe we’re drowning if we get three days straight of rain, I’m reminded of how blessed we are to still have dry sunny days, even in the middle of winter.

8 comments on “Winter’s Silver Lining

  1. daniellajoe says:

    Nice post!!! I love those shiny blue skies too 🙂

  2. vonhonnauldt says:

    Reminds me of Colorado – those dark blue skies and warm winter days. Of course, “warm” is relative :). The land of “blanket of clouds” = Indiana in the Spring.

    • sarsrose says:

      Having never been to the US, you’re talking of places I’ve only read about in books… which makes it seem far more exotic and intriguing I’m sure 🙂

  3. Thanks for this post, even though I feel really dumb, not thinking that other countries have different seasons. You are having your winter now and in America it is summer. Where I live, in Minnesota, in the winter time the average temp is about 10 degrees, but it very often gets below zero, and we almost always have snow on the ground. Now it is summer and we get alot of 80 degree temps. So our weather swing from winter to summer is quite extreme. And unlike where you live, everything here dies–I mean all the plants and trees and flowers. But we often get blue sky in the winter too. Sometimes it is very blue and sunny and 20 degrees below zero. Very odd. Today on this summer day the high was about 70 degree. A very beautiful day.

    • sarsrose says:

      haha you really didn’t think other countries had seasons Stephen?
      Yes, that does sound like a big difference in temp, though I’m trying to estimate the conversion in my mind, because we use celcius, and you are obviously using farenheit!

  4. No, I know other countries have seasons, but I didn’t calculate in my mind how yours was “different” than mine. Everything is opposite below the equataor I suppose. Anyway, I’m glad you got a good laugh out of it.

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