The Best Thing I Ever Learnt About Motivation

stairway-to-the-sky_18-6364Just before I started year 12, my parents convinced me to go to a three day intensive course on study habits. I didn’t really want to go, but I was sure it would be good for me, so I went.

To be honest, the whole course probably wasn’t worth the money they spent, but I did learn one thing; something simple that has stuck with me ever since. It was about how to get motivated.

I can’t speak for previous generations, but for my own, and very clearly for the generations following mine, the issue of motivation is a huge one. Students couldn’t get the assignment done because they couldn’t get motivated; people can’t exercise and lose weight, because they can’t find the motivation.

Motivation is like an elusive prize, holding us captive as it evades us.

There’s only one thing I’ve found in the ten years since I left year 12 that has worked to help me solve the motivation issue, and I learnt it at the course.

Stop thinking about being motivated, and start acting.

Or in the words of Nike, ‘Just do it.’

Somewhere along the line we have become so focused on feelings, that we can hardly do something unless we feel like it. Our lack of motivation cripples us from achieving what we really want. But we do not have to be slaves to our feelings.

Push those thoughts of motivation aside, and get started.

13 comments on “The Best Thing I Ever Learnt About Motivation

  1. Rebekah Hopps says:

    Absolutely agree with this. We simply can’t practice the luxury of waiting until we feel good about something before we do it, because it is likely it will never get done. The converse works as well; crying about something and getting frustrated and upset may seem like a good idea, but ultimately the problem won’t be fixed until we sit down and get the job done.

  2. katyhancock says:

    That is really excellent advice. At some point, I just need to suck it up and kick myself into gear. If anyone else told me they weren’t exercising because they “didn’t feel like it” I would tell them to get off of their lazy butts and just do it!

    • sarsrose says:

      Thanks Katy! And thanks for visiting my blog. Look forward to checking yours out, and hope you’re back soon.
      PS. Wish my students would take this advice!

  3. I don’t often have the energy to do it. I often count to three and then do it. Sometimes I count to ten. That gives you more time to think about it. But if you pray that God would give you the energy to do it–that really wipes out all the excuses. Then you have to do it!

    • sarsrose says:

      Hi Stephen. Yes, there is definitely a difference between having no energy and having no motivation. I can relate to both. Problem is, sometimes having no motivation masquerades as having no energy. And the catch 22 with fitness is that you cant get fit without excercising, but when you’re unfit, you don’t want to excercise!
      You’re so right about the prayer thing. One day I was convicted in church about working as unto the Lord. I’d previously been so unmotivated to do all my marking, and I went home that day and got it all done. A bit of conviction and prayer certainly helps!

  4. Sam Barber says:

    but I don’t wanna 😦 😛

  5. Diane says:

    YES that is so true and so well said.

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