You Couldn’t Handle the Guilt.

Photo Credit: Mare-of-Night

Painting Credit: Mare-of-Night

Growing up in a Christian home meant that while I always knew I was a sinner, my ‘good little Christian girl’ behavior often made it hard for me to really see myself that way.

As I grew older, and my understanding of both myself and the gospel deepened, I came to understand that while I was good at avoiding the obvious, visible sins, in my heart, I was no better than anyone else. I understood this, but I often struggled to really feel it; instead of wrestling with guilt, I’ve wrestled with not feeling guilty enough.

I’ve prayed through this many times, grappling with the paradoxical desire to fully comprehend my sinfulness (which would hopefully enable me to more completely experience God’s graciousness) while at the same time recognizing that the cross has done away with my sin and I am clothed with the righteousness of Christ.

I was struggling with this once again on the weekend; struggling with my lack of guilt and my apathy towards my sinfulness, when I sensed the voice of God say to me ‘Sarah, you couldn’t handle the guilt.’

I know that I’m a sinner, and I know that I’ve trusted Jesus with my sin, so instead of wrestling with not feeling it enough, I need to rejoice in God’s grace. He knows that I could not stand under the weight of my own guilt, and He has not asked me to. Jesus paid for that too.

21 comments on “You Couldn’t Handle the Guilt.

  1. lisar3n33 says:

    Hi Sarah, I always find myself the opposite. Always struggling with the weight of it and hold on to the condemnation, rather than the conviction. I believe both extremes can be extremely un-healthy in our relationships with God.

    • sarsrose says:

      I agree, I think that both are unhealthy… it just seems that the Bible has so much more to say on what you’re talking about. My struggle seems quite abnormal. But then, I guess, at their root, they are both grounded in self obsession and self-centeredness. Thanks for your comments and sharing x

  2. Daniel Paul says:

    I’m sorry, but all I could think of while reading this was “You can’t handle the truth!” ala Jack Nicholson 😛

  3. Bev Hunter says:

    Thankyou for the reminder of this great truth!!! We truly serve a God of grace.

  4. mrsbohaty says:

    I love this, so much! Reblogging at

  5. freddielynn says:

    I think that is why heaven will resound with so much worship. As we come face to face with Jesus and see the scars of his gruesome death that he bore for us, we won’t be able to do anything but bow in worship, for one day every knee will now and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. This is what Isaiah experienced, which is documented in chapter 6. As he saw God in all his holiness he was overwhelmed by his guilt and sin as he cried out, “Woe is me! I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips. And my eyes have seen the King, The Lord Almighty.” Now that we know of God’s grace and holiness, we must share it! Thanks for the encouraging reminder!

  6. findingmyinnercourage says:

    Thank you for the reminder, I loved this!

  7. I don’t do that enough–wrestle with trying to comprehend the depths of my sin. I’m ussally wrestling with why I sin. But maybe if I did more of what you do I would be better off. But I agree that we should spend more time on thinking about His grace–the depth of his grace.

    • sarsrose says:

      I don’t know Stephen, I think what God was trying to tell me was to rest in His grace and stop being so self focused! I think it is important that we take sin and repentance seriously, but perhaps we need to take Grace much more seriously!
      Love your comments!!

  8. vonhonnauldt says:

    Ah, indeed, if we could see ourselves as God sees us…. We would be crushed under the weight of our sin and guilt. But. praise God, He doesn’t see us in ourselves if we are His, He sees us in His Son – and there is no sin or guilt, only perfect righteousness!!

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