When Depravity Makes Me Mad (and it’s a good thing I’m not God)

I have to admit, sometimes depravity makes me so mad. When I talk to someone who openly loves everything that God hates; who blatantly scorns His word and mocks His name, I sometimes feel a deep, bubbling anger rise in me.

Some would call this righteous anger, and sometimes it is; but sometimes it’s not too. Sometimes I feel aggressively angry, sometimes I wonder why God still offers these people grace.

foggymorning_2201323A couple of months ago I was flying over one of Australia’s cities at night. I remember looking down and seeing the tiny cars zooming along the highways like glowing ants, and I thought about how small we all are when viewed from afar. I thought about how easy it would be for God to reach down and squish us with as little thought as we give to stepping on an ant that has bitten us.

And then I encounter depravity and I wonder why He doesn’t; sometimes I even wish He would. It’s a good thing I’m not God.

When faced with total depravity, God’s grace abounds even more. I should know, because He’s bestowed it on me. When I look at someone who curses God’s name, I must remember that ‘there but for the grace of God go I.’

And those who continue to despise and reject Him must remember that ‘today is the day of salvation,’ and they cannot assume that there will always be a future chance for repentance.

14 comments on “When Depravity Makes Me Mad (and it’s a good thing I’m not God)

  1. Rod says:

    Sister. Amen!!

  2. Shelly says:

    Great post! It is truly a miracle and a sign of His amazing love that He allows us to have free will. May we help reveal who Christ is to those around us. Be blessed today and bless someone else!

  3. findingmyinnercourage says:

    Excellent Blog today. Blessings to you today and always!

  4. […] When Depravity Makes Me Mad (sarsrose.wordpress.com) […]

  5. Thank God,He is not a man…wink* Once we were lost in the world, fulfilling our evil desire, but He saved us and He is more than able to bring others to Himself even as we preach the word…not giving up on the world. great post, bless yout darling heart.

    • sarsrose says:

      Yes so true. You remind me of that time that David said (in Psalms I think) that he would rather be dealt with in the hands of God than of man.
      Bless you too

  6. I think it’s good that you get angry. it’s a God thing. I was reading in Mark the other day–in Mark 3:5. Jesus was angry at the Pharisees for their hardness of heart. It said He was looking at them with anger. I was thinking of how that must have looked to see Jesus angry. How often do we see a pastor or church leader angry. Not very often. Good post!

  7. sf says:

    Excellent post! You had put it into words exactly how I’ve always wanted to say it. Thanks so much! Will share by reblogging.

  8. sf says:

    Reblogged this on untitled press and commented:
    Even before I ever became a God-believer, I had always been wary about saying His name in vain. Just in case He was really out there, I wouldn’t give it a chance to say the curses that has His or Jesus’ name in them (although I didn’t give a second thought to saying the F-word in every other sentence). I just love this post by Sarsrose, who had put it into words what I’ve been wanting to say, in regards to God’s grace to those who curse using His name. Sure, I had heard about “using the name of God in vain” being one of the Commandments. But it was only after having actually believed in Him, that I had seen the verse in Deuteronomy 5:11, where the 3rd Commandment says: “You must not misuse the name of the Lord your God. The Lord will not let you go unpunished if you misuse His name.”

    It sure was a good thing that I had feared enough not to! But how many folks out there had not known or heard of that verse before also? Many, I’m sure. May those who had not known until now, have their hearts to be stirred, to pause and change their words (or hold ’em back all together), the next time they have an urge to curse in His name.

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