Halloween and the Australian Christian’s Dilemma

pumpkinThe commercialization of Halloween is gradually sucking Australians into a celebration we once considered to be purely ‘American.’

While many Australians may be willing to embrace this trend, the question must arise concerning the stance of the Christian. Just last week someone came to me asking my advice on what should be done regarding a teenage girl’s invitation to a Halloween party.

Of course each person must follow the convicting of the Spirit in their own hearts, but as the body of Christ, I truly believe that there are some things we should stand against as a community.

Having spoken to several teenagers in the past who have had terrifying experiences delving into the occult, it seems clear to me that as Christians we must be careful not to align ourselves with a festival which, despite its supposed ‘Christian’ roots, has become known for its associations with witchcraft, death, spirits and horror.

So what is a teenager to do, when it will not be well received by their friends if they do not participate? My heart aches for them; I remember how painful it was to make choices that were unpopular. But as Christians we were never called to do what was popular; we are called to be different, even when it means sacrifice. The greatest thing we can do for our children is to teach them how to make a stand while they are young, so that when they are older, the narrow road is not foreign to them.

7 comments on “Halloween and the Australian Christian’s Dilemma

  1. Rod says:

    Good thoughts Sara.

  2. As we are growing up, the world has a strong pull and influence on our life — from within and without.

    As children, our innocence keeps us from seeing the danger and resulting harm. We are innocent so we think the activities are harmless. We think our parents are mean and cruel when they keep us from joining in on the fun that everyone else is having.

    As we grow into adolescence, the sway of the world is ever more attractive, enticing us to explore and taste some of the forbidden fruit. We become like Adam and Eve in the garden. We see the bait, but are blind to the hook!

    By the time we become young adults, we have pretty much chosen the direction our life is going to take — unaware or uncaring as to the dark and destructive end it will eventually lead us to.

    Praise God that before we do reach our final destination, he gives us an opportunity to turn around and get back on the path that leads away from the darkness and into the light of life.

    It is incumbent upon us who have been saved from eternal destruction to encourage others to get off the beaten path and to choose the way less traveled. Whether they heed our warning or not, we at least reached out to them with the same warning and opportunity to turn back that God gave us — instead of simply standing on the side of the road watching the parade of people marching toward the bitter end.

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  4. I always try to be extra vigilant and prayerful on Halloween.

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