5 Things You Should Never Do At A Wedding

952993_71476958I’ve attended a lot of weddings. And you know those things that are supposed to be common sense, but aren’t? Well let’s just say, I’ve observed a lot of them.

1. Don’t be late. Punctuality is polite anywhere, but at a wedding it’s essential. If the invitation says the wedding starts at 1pm, that means you must be seated and ready for the bride to arrive at 1pm. If you are late, and the bride is already there, don’t stop to say hello. Hurry into the venue and hope she didn’t see you!

2. Do not take photos of the bride before the groom has seen her. If you are just a guest at the wedding, don’t sneak out the back to get a quick picture of the bride before she enters. There’s a photographer for that, and you sneaking a peek before she arrives at the top of the aisle is beyond rude.

3. Don’t sit at the front if you’re not family or very close. There is a seating hierarchy at weddings. Close people at the front, acquaintances at the back. If in doubt, sit further back.

4. Don’t wear a white dress. It’s the bride’s day for white, and this is a day when rocking up in the same outfit, or even colour, is not ok.

5. If you’re invited to the reception, do not come without a present. They are likely paying upwards of $80 to have you there. Not bringing a gift is very disrespectful.

3 comments on “5 Things You Should Never Do At A Wedding

  1. emilyj23 says:

    YES! Totally agree with all of these! The first two are definitely on my list of ‘most annoying things ever’ .. Great post as usual! I think another one is “Don’t assume you are going to be invited and then get offended when you aren’t’ – weddings are expensive and being invited is a privilege, not a right.

  2. jessiestacks says:

    Reblogged this on The Life & Times of a Realist Bride and commented:
    These really should be common sense, but I, too, have witnessed each of these wedding faux pas happen.

  3. sf says:

    I haven’t been to many weddings, due to most of my friends either already being married, had a court marriage, or didn’t get married at all (just living together). There was one particular wedding which I remember the most. It was where the bride and groom had stayed in the ballroom all the way to the end of it until midnight. When I walked in after work with another co-worker (the majority of us worked together and some of us had to work that day) after 10pm, I was really surprised when the groom told me that I was truly a friend to have come. It was as if they had waited to see who else would come even at the last minute and that I would not have been considered a “true friend” if I hadn’t come! So boy, was I relieved that I did go because I thought they’d hold it against me forever if I hadn’t.

    I’m a # 3 natural, as I always sit in the back, preferably in the last row. Great post!

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