When the world gets stifling…


I have a lot of things on my mind at the moment. Nothing major, just all together they start to add up. I find my mind spinning with plans, agendas, moral issues and sometimes fears.

My mind is so busy, that it’s time to stop for a minute and think about some things that I love; the simple things; the things that are still there when all the busyness fades away.

Today I’m thinking about the night sky. Living in the city I don’t always get to see it in all it’s glory, but it makes it all the more special when I get out into the country and lie in a field and become captivated by the vastness of the sky. I love to drink in the millions of stars and the complexity of the universe.

Somehow the more complex the natural world appears, the less complex my life seems, because it reminds me that I have a God who holds it all in His hands.

My life and its complications will fade away, but my ability to wonder over and delight in the complexity of God will live on for an eternity.

So, when the world gets stifling, it’s often time to look beyond. Beyond our politics and selfishness and general humanity, beyond time even, beyond this world to the eternity that we are to live for. And if eternity had a face, for me, it would look like the night sky.

6 comments on “When the world gets stifling…

  1. Sara says:

    I love this… In fact, I think I’m going to take your advice, lie on the back lawn and pause for a moment…

  2. Rebekah Hopps says:

    Yes! The night sky is such an awesome reminder of God’s eternal nature and the grace He shows us by choosing to seen His son for us….Psalm 8:3-5 reminds me of this…

  3. Mark Myers says:

    I love the night sky. When I was dating my wife, I got called back to Army duty for the war with Iraq (the 1st one in 1991) and I remember sitting outside looking at infinite skies, knowing that she saw the same sky and that God saw us both although we were apart. Very comforting thoughts.

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