Are you really anti-abortion, or are you just trying to sell products?

Dear Elevit,

I was surprised the other day, as I was watching TV, to come across your advertisement for Elevit with Iodine.

So much of what we see in the media plays down the value of life in the womb, and it does so because that’s what people want. They want to feel like abortion is okay. They want to feel like it’s not really a person in there, that it is scientifically ‘just tissue’ and that they, therefore, have the right to choose what happens to their body. They want to feel that way, because life is tough, and sometimes things happen, and they want a way out that doesn’t come laden with guilt and shame.

So that’s normally what they give us.

Which is why, Elevit, I was surprised by your ad. This is how it began: “When you’re trying to get pregnant, by the time you find out you are, a little person is already coming to life…”

Hang on. ‘Before you know you’re pregnant.’ So that’s within, what, the first six weeks since conception? And you’re saying it’s already a little person? That’s a big call Elevit, a big call.

And I’d commend you, except I’m wondering this: Do you really believe that, or are you just trying to sell tablets to women who are ‘trying to get pregnant?’

Because sometimes I wonder whether we change the meaning of the word ‘person’ and ‘life’ to suit our agenda. And that’s not cool with me.

2 comments on “Are you really anti-abortion, or are you just trying to sell products?

  1. pris says:

    Elevit, nature’s own, Swisse….they all cash in on the whole pre – pregnancy bandwagon. It’s for the money they can gain from wanna be mothers and nothing to do with the rights of a fetus. Our society is more and more tolerant of the idea a woman has an inherent right to choose to keep or terminate a pregnancy. If she sees her fetus as a little person, it is. If she sees it as merely tissue, then that’s what it is. Right or wrong, the vitamin companies make big money on a woman’s care and concern for her yet to be conceived baby. Relativism is prevalent.

    • sarsrose says:

      Very compelling thoughts Pris. I agree. Abortion has become less of a moral issue and more of a ‘feelings’ and ‘perception’ issue. How can something so important become a matter of relativism?
      It’s funny, I agree with the sentiments in the ad, but I resent the fact that they’re using them to make money when they could very well turn around in the next minute and condone abortion.

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