I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

sleep_2480539When I first got sick, I received a lot of really unhelpful advice. One thing that I heard a couple of times, when I was leaving a function early to go home and go to bed, was that I should ‘toughen up, ‘cos I could sleep when I’m dead.’
(Surely the insensitivity of this is obvious since I actually felt like I was dying and was trying hard to avoid it??)

 Anyway, much as Bon Jovi’s song is very poor advice to give to a sick person, and much as we totally have a responsibility to take care of our bodies, I’m actually starting to think that maybe he’s got a point.

 Last night one of our pastors spoke on Hebrews 4. He began by acknowledging that this life is tough. So many of us are tired, so much of the time, and life can get overwhelming. Monday mornings seem to come around so much quicker than Friday afternoons, and so often our weakness and humanity overshadows the greatness of our calling. But therein lies the point. We have an amazing calling on earth, and an even more amazing future awaiting us in heaven.

This life is tough, but there remains for us a Sabbath rest.

I’m going to spend my eternity resting and rejoicing in the presence of Jesus, but while I’m here, there’s work to do.

 We may be exhausted, but God provides the strength for us to do His will and the promise that we can rest in Him.

4 comments on “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

  1. ballr002 says:

    I very much had these similar thoughts Sarah! It’s great to look at life in the perspective or shadow of eternity. In itself, the thought of eternity, spurs me on to not get bogged down in what seems the mundane of life! x

  2. Keith says:

    Sarah, your article is timely, I think, for all times but especially ours. Your work provoked in my memory one of my favourite poems, let me put it here:


    Be Strong, by Maltbie Babcock

    Be strong!
    We are not here to play, to dream, to drift,
    We have hard work to do, and loads to lift.
    Shun not the struggle; face it. ‘Tis God’s gift.

    Be strong!
    Say not the days are evil, – Who’s to blame?
    And fold not the hands and acquiesce, – O shame!
    Stand up, speak out, and bravely, in God’s name.

    Be strong!
    It matters not how deep entrenched the wrong,
    How hard the battle goes, the day, how long.
    Faint not, fight on! To-morrow comes the song.



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