I could have rescued one more

IMG_20140804_182030Last night, I sat in church, listening to the story of a man who had been saved from poverty after years on the brink of starvation. His name was Richmond Wandera and he was a Compassion child. Today he has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and travels the world as an advocate for those children who are still in his home community in Uganda. He speaks of how they play, as he did, on sewer-flooded streets, hoping daily to escape the threat of malaria as the beast of hunger lurks, ever in the shadows.

 Now he sponsors a child, and works tirelessly to find sponsors for those who still remain, trapped, with a lid on their potential, until someone moves to release them. He challenged us to live simply, so that others may simply live.

 I thought of my sponsor child in India, and I felt the battle in my heart: Surely I’m doing enough? But in the back of my mind was a gnawing quote from Oskar Schindler: “I could have gotten one more person… and I didn’t!”

 I do not want to get to the end of my life, and lament that I could have freed one more. It is a temporary sacrifice, for an eternal impact.

 I’m no hero. So far from it! I choose myself over others far more often than not, but I pray that God will continually convict my selfish heart and give me the means and the strength for ‘one more.’

This post is for my new ‘sponsor son’ Cristian. I do not know him, but I pray that God will unleash his potential, and use him mightily in the Kingdom.
If you would like to help free a child from poverty in Jesus name, please visit http://www.compassion.com

One comment on “I could have rescued one more

  1. Sam says:

    Beautifully written and so close to my heart, I am in a constant battle, I so desperately want to make a difference In others lives, help and serve those that truly need it, advocate for those without a voice, yet I also want to serve myself, get the things I WANT not that I need. I live a comfortable lifestyle one that requires little sacrifice on my part.

    I tell myself I am doing my bit, but am I really? Then when we do do something for others we are compelled to share it, do we do this to raise awareness and inspire others or is it for self gratification?

    I so often am confronted with the thoughts I should be doing more, but then very quickly convince myself that I have nothing to give, nothing to offer.

    My heart really truly aches for those suffering and in need and I get angry at the cruelty and injustice in the world that people cause each other, I harbour a guilt inside for things that are not my doing and really do feel pain for others that is not my own and physically ill at times from knowing of horrific things that one person has done to another, but I don’t think it will ever be enough, unless the world is at peace and people stop violating each other’s basic human rights and our greed is what motivates us nothing will be enough.

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