The post that pulled 2,677 views

Today marks 3 years to the day that I’ve been blogging.

Three years ago, when I began, my friend and pastor asked me this: “Sarah, do you really think you can come up with enough content to sustain a blog?”

My response: “Andy, since when do I struggle to find things to say?”

Three years on, it looks like I’ve found stuff to say.

In blogging spheres mine would hardly be considered successful, but I thought people might be interested in some stats.

In the last three years I’ve published 192 posts, had almost 63,000 views and been read in over 130 different countries.

surpriseWhat’s even more interesting to look at is which posts draw the most views. I never would have guessed which posts would become my top 5, let alone which one would take the lead.



Far and away my most read post is My Anchor within the Veil, with 2,677 views to date.

Following that, here’s the rest of my top 5.

1,681 – What it feels like to jump off a cliff

1,303 – A few things you shouldn’t say to skinny girls

1,237 – How do you know if it’s a date?

809 – Why is the message of Christianity offensive?


It’s not the stats, however, that keep me going.

What keeps me going is the individual people.

The people who read my blog every week; those who read it sporadically but take the time to mention that they enjoy it; those people who I didn’t think would have known I had a blog, but suddenly mention that they liked a particular post; It’s the people, and their willingness to read, and the fact that I keep finding things to say.

Thank you.

Here’s to another year!

2 comments on “The post that pulled 2,677 views

  1. Phil Tarrant says:

    LEGEND! Love your work and your passion!!! Phil 🙂

  2. Susie says:

    Keep blogging Sarah. You have great things to share!

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