You’re not as good as anyone thinks

If any man thinks ill of you, do not be angry with him, for you are worse than he thinks you to be copyI care a lot what people think of me, which is why this quote by Spurgeon hit home so much. When you care what people think, much of your pride can get tied up in having a good reputation.

How often do we find ourselves annoyed, angry or even crushed when we discover that somebody thinks badly of us? It reflects a lot about how we view ourselves.

First, we are all prone to believe that we are, on balance, good people (and we defy anyone to suggest otherwise.)

Second, we value so much what others think that we work hard at portraying an image of ourselves that is even better than what we know ourselves to be.

We are quite happy for people to think more highly of us than they ought, but are indignant if they think less of us.

Spurgeon flings aside our flimsy façade and dashes our misplaced pride. Someone thinks badly of you? Don’t be angry, they’ve got it wrong. You’re actually far worse.

Don’t we forget that this is such a key aspect of the Gospel? Yes we have incredible value, but our standards for measuring our own ‘goodness,’ aren’t even close to the mark. In fact, we fall so far short of the actual standard that it is only by a phenomenal act of grace that we have attained any righteousness at all.

Truly we are not as good as we, or as anyone, thinks. But Jesus is far better, and, praise God, he’s got us covered.



4 comments on “You’re not as good as anyone thinks

  1. This reminds me of something that happened to King David. In 2 Samuel 16:10, when he was running from his enemies and a man (a member of Saul’s family) was cursing him, he didn’t want his friends to try to protect him or go after the man. He said, “If he thinks the Lord has told him to curse me, who am I to stop him.”
    For some reason that story has stuck in my head. What a humble man David was! Some would say that David had a poor self image. Actually, he had a correct view of himself.

    • sarsrose says:

      Yeah wow.
      I agree. Interesting how this kind of view when held rightly doesn’t lead to poor self image but rather a great understanding of how much God loves us so a better and more accurate self image!

  2. SDROSE says:

    Wow Sarah, this is good for giving us a reality check. And I love your last statement. 😊 Also Dad just read out your text. We’re so glad you worked it out so well – especially the rate change. Have a great day. Love Mum xx Sent from my iPad


  3. Susie says:

    So true Sarah! Needed to hear this today. Thanks

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