Did Jesus really ‘show up?’

If you’ve been around the evangelical Christian traps for long, you’ve no doubt become acquainted with many of the phrases we tend to throw around. A few months ago, I heard one that I’ve heard many times, but this time it really struck a chord with me.

When talking about a big worship event, someone commented that ‘Jesus showed up.’

I think I know what they meant. I think they meant that the ‘Holy Sprit moved’ or that there seemed to be a ‘special anointing’ on the night. Irrespective of the meaning, the phrase bothers me.

When worship becomes profound, I don’t think it’s because Jesus showed up. To say that is to suggest that He wasn’t always there, or, even worse, that He is somehow responsible for whether our communion with Him is sweet or not. When worship is profound, I think it’s because we showed up.

I certainly don’t mean this in a human-centric way, but rather in a way that holds Jesus as supreme. He is always there, he is always glorious, he is always worthy and he is always willing to move. We are the variables in this equation.

If we want depth in our worship, if we want close communion with the Spirit, then we need to show up. We must come in humility, in repentance, and in reverence to seek his face. And there should be no surprise to discover that He, the never changing one, was already there.

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