A Tribute to my (almost) Famous Brother

jordanI remember when I first ‘discovered’ my brother’s voice. My parents (having attended his school performances) had been raving about it for some time, but my only experience of this ‘amazing’ singing voice was limited to hearing him in the bathroom.

I thought it was all a bit overrated.

One afternoon, about eight years ago, I was sitting with a group at church ready to begin rehearsals for a special Christmas musical we were doing. My brother had been asked to do a solo, and before he sang, a friend asked me whether he could actually sing. My sisterly loyalty assured them that he could, but when he opened his mouth, I was as surprised as everyone else. He really could sing!

He went on to study at the Adelaide Conservatorium of Music, and towards the end of his degree he was asked to join the Adelaide Chamber Singers. I knew this was quite an offer, but I don’t think anyone realized quite how prestigious they were until this week.

ACS has been touring Europe for the past two weeks, and after performing at Musica Sacre a Roma and winning not only both of their categories, but also the grand prize, they travelled on to Wales to perform at the prestigious Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. They won in their category and were invited to perform for ‘Choir of the World.’ I waited anxiously through the night for the results. Finally at 8am I got the text: We’ve won Choir of the World!

Congratulations to the whole group, and best wishes as they continue on to perform in Austria.

Their performances in the Eisteddfod can be seen here and here. My brother is on the far left in the first song. For those of you living in the UK, he was also interviewed on the BBC. Perhaps you saw him!?1005595_10151536952192862_929999848_n