Christians don’t steal music (bless them)

I was listening to the radio the other day and they were discussing how times have changed with music. You know how the ladies who do the school pick up shift aimed at 35-year-old mums like to harp on about ‘back in the day?’ Yeah.

They were talking about vinyls and how so and so’s teenage daughter has never even bought any music, like, ever because all she does is stream it.

record-shop-2-1558936I was listening with only half-baked interest until one of the ‘voices’ (sounded like Meshel Laurie) said, ‘you know, the only people who are actually buying music these days are old people and Christians.’

She went on to say that the only people in the music business who are really making any money anymore are the old school people (because their fans don’t know how to stream music) and people like Guy Sebastian. He’s making a killing (apparently) because he’s got a lot of Christian fans and ‘Christians won’t steal music… (bless them.)’

Sure there was a slightly patronising edge to her tone, but I did find it interesting that it was an acknowledgeable phenomena. I know that a lot of non-Christians don’t steal music, and sadly, a lot of Christians probably do, but I have to say, that in that moment, when a woman who makes her livelihood in the media industry acknowledged that the Christians were holding up the integrity of the music business… well I was pretty proud of my people.