Are we really ‘just too nice?’

Photo Credit: Stock Xchng

A friend of mine recently expressed her frustration over people describing themselves as ‘just too nice’ to say ‘no.’ It got me thinking – how often do we disguise our flaws as ‘Just too much of a good thing?’

We live in what I once heard Mark Sayers describe as an ‘Instagram Society.’ We take snapshots of the best parts of our lives, pretty them up with a filter, and present them to the world.

It’s not surprising that we do it with our speech. ‘I’m just too nice,’ can be a cover for ‘I struggle to say ‘no’ and put too much weight on what people think of me.’

‘I’m just too honest’ can be a sugar-coated way of saying ‘I haven’t yet learned to have self-control over what I say.’

Is it perhaps time to get real with ourselves? Is it time to take off the Instagram-like filter, admit that we all have faults and seek change, rather than a cover-up?