On building castles in the sand

US12_SUN0991.jpgI’ve always had a good imagination. Not that cool, creative dragons and unicorns kind of imagination, that could help me to be some kind of literary genius, but the sort of tragic kind. The kind that found me sitting on the floor of my room as a kid and suddenly realizing I was crying my eyes out because I’d imagined my parents had just died in a car accident and I was all alone.

As I’ve become older I’ve realized that my imagination combined with my slight control-freakish nature finds me lapsing regularly into fantasy. Imagining future scenarios and how I would act and what I would say and what-would-I-do-if-this-happened-and-they-said-this etc. etc.

God spoke to me about this recently. I’d worked myself into a bit of a state over something that was almost entirely in my head and all of a sudden God showed me what I was doing:

You’re building a castle in the sand, Sarah, and you’re planning on living in it.

That’s exactly (metaphorically) what I was doing. The scenarios in my head had little grounding in reality. I was constructing a falsified world, one that would be swept away with the next tide… and I’d been planning on living in it.

Following the apostle Paul’s instructions to think only on ‘whatever is true’ is something I find insanely hard, but I know it’s something I need to work on.

4 comments on “On building castles in the sand

  1. Kim says:

    I can very much relate! This is a very insightful metaphor… I do think it is by no mistake that the Bible reminds us to think upon what is true, what is praiseworthy, etc. This reminds me of the verse in Isaiah that says he will keep in perfect peace whoever fixes their thoughts on him! So “insanely” hard, but what a sweet assurance.

  2. Oh boy, can I ever relate to that?! And it’s so true. I hate to think of how often I do this. I like to think of it as emotionally planning for the future! Guess I need to focus on Paul’s verses more! Lori

    • sarsrose says:

      Glad you can relate Lori!
      I think of it like that too! Planning, organizing etc etc… but at the heart it is just me wanting to have control x

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